Alberto Mancini and his daughter Serena - Serena Pelletterie Italy

" We guarantee quality craftsmanship to all Serena leather handbags "

Serena Pelletterie saw it's light in 1999 on the initiative of Alberto Mancini. The production process is done in our factory of 500 square meters which houses the office, warehouse and production area, located in the strolling hills of the Marche, in the city of Tolentino.

Special attention to the selection of materials

We create leather handbags and accessories with meticulous precision and the finest selection of leather. Our common passion for the traditional and meticulous execution of every detail unites us and inspires us to search continually for new and even better solutions. In creating leather handbags, we pay special attention to the rigorous selection of materials.

We aim to preserve the integrity of our Italian production, by employing the valuable creative strengths of our finest artisans, while maintaining a consistent quality control.

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" Serena Pelletterie Leather Bags was born from the passion of its owner Alberto Mancini and is now a small family business... "